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Fondazione Crescere Insieme, recognized as non-profit organisation from Turin prefecture in 2005, was conceived on initiative of a small group of dreamers and players of Juventus F.C., with the following purposes:

La ristrutturazione del Reparto di Terapia Intensiva Neonatale dell’Ospedale Sant’Anna di Torino.

The research in the field of neonatology to improve prognosis and life chances of the children hospitalized in intensive care unit.


Our challenge is to support and promote scientific development, research and humanization of therapies in the field of neonatology.


At the end of the first decade of work, during which all our dreams about structures renovations have come true, our next  dare is:

  • To create synergies among neonatology units of our country, keeping in mind  the various needs on the territory;
  • Creation of a new diagnosis and treatment centre for retinopathy in Piedmont;
  • Purchase of the most advanced equipment.
  • Funding scholarships for medical and nursing staff.
  • Promoting research projects focused on prenatal diagnosis, care and improvement of life quality.


The scientific committee is the technical-advisory body, composed of doctors and researchers. It supports the board of directors to define goals and strategies and coordinate the Foundation research projects. Every 2 years organises an international congress on neonatology where the speakers are the leading researchers from all over the world.

In a decade of activity, the results achieved by the scientific sector of the Foundation are of particular importance and an outstanding example in the Italian and global sphere.

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